How To Apply Averett University Admission: Login

introduction Averett University

Averett University ek private university hai jo Danville, Virginia mein locate hai. Yeh university under-grad aur grad programs offer karti hai across different schools aur colleges. Kuch key facts Averett University ke baare mein:

  • Iski founding 1859 mein hui thi aur abhi iska current enrollment roughly 1,000 students hai.
  • University organize hai College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Criminal Justice, aur College of Education & Human Services ke through.
  • Popular majors mein Business, Criminal Justice, Education, aur Aeronautics shaamil hain.
  • Averett has ek FAA-approved Part 141 flight school apne Aeronautics degree program ke under.
  • University ek Bachelor of Arts in Religion aur Bachelor of Arts in Theatre bhi offer karti hai.

Averett University chhote class sizes, experiential learning, aur career preparation pe focus karti hai. Yeh Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges se accredited hai.

Averett University

University  NameAverett University
LocationDanville, VA
Exam FormOnline Available
Last DateNovember 4
SyllabusAvailable upon enrollment
FeesTuition and fees vary by program
ContactPhone: (434) 791-5600
Home Pej 

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Admission Requirements

  • High School GPA: Required hai consideration ke liye.
  • High School Rank: Consider ki jaati hai lekin required nahi hai.
  • SAT/ACT Scores: Consider ki jaati hain agar submit ki gayi, lekin mandatory nahi hai. Averett ek test-optional institution hai.
    • Admitted students ke liye average SAT score range 850-1170 rehta hai.
    • Average ACT score range 16-22 rehta hai.
  • Recommendations: Consider ki jaati hain lekin required nahi hain.
  • Application Fee: $0, issee Averett University mein apply karna free hai.

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How To Apply Averett University Admission

Apply karne ka process Averett University admission ke liye:

  1. Complete the free online application June 1 tak fall admission ke liye ya November 1 tak spring admission ke liye.
  2. Request official transcripts apne high school aur jitne bhi colleges attend kiye hon.
  3. Submit proof of secondary education completion aur evidence of sufficient English language proficiency, usually through TOEFL, IELTS, ya SAT scores ke through.
  4. If transferring from a university outside the U.S, to apna transcript World Education Services se course-by-course basis pe evaluate karwao.
  5. Provide official translations un documents ke jo English mein nahi likhe hain.
  6. Acceptance ke baad, $1,500 USD ka Submit a $1,500 USD enrollment deposit aur completed Certification of Finances form submit karo for I-20 visa.
  7. Apna Pay your enrollment deposit se bharo. Yeh pehle semester ke tuition fees se deduct ho jayega.

Averett apne website ke through applications accept karta hai. University ka acceptance rate 48% hai aur submitted SAT scores ko consider karta hai, admission ke liye students typically 910-1155 score range mein rehte hain.

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Averett University Last Date

7/4/2024ThursdayNo Classes; University Closed
7/16/2024TuesdayLast Day to Withdraw “W” (Sessions 2) Traditional and Averett Online
7/31/2024WednesdayLast Day to Apply for August Conferral without a Late Fee

Averett University Degrees

Averett University mein different-different undergraduate aur graduate degree programs available hain across various fields.

Yahan par kuch degree programs hain jo available hain Averett University mein:

  1. Undergraduate Degrees:
    1. Bachelor of Applied Science
    1. Bachelor of Arts ya Bachelor of Science
    1. Bachelor of Business Administration
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Religion
    1. Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics
  2. Graduate Degrees:
    1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    1. Master of Education (M.Ed.)
    1. Master of Nursing
    1. Master of Education in Special Education
    1. Master of Education in Administration and Supervision Concentration
  3. Aeronautics Degrees:
    1. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Management with concentrations in Aviation Business and Flight Operations
    1. Joint Aerospace Management/Criminal Justice degree
  4. Religion Degree:
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Yeh programs cover karte hain wide range of disciplines, like business, education, aeronautics aur religion, providing students ko opportunities for career advancement aur personal growth.

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How To Averett University Login

  1. AU Mail (Student Email):
    1. Enroll hone ke baad Averett University aapko official school email address deti hai important communications ke liye.
    1. AU mail account mein login karne ke liye, AU Student Portal visit karein aur apna Averett University email use karein.
How To Averett University Login
  1. Canvas Login (Learning Management System):
    1. Canvas access karne ke liye, Averett website pe jaen aur ‘Student Tools‘ pe click karein.
    1. Left side pe ‘Canvas Login‘ dhundhein aur apne AU credentials daal kar login ho jaen.
  2. Student Tools:
    1. Averett various student tools provide karti hai jaise AU Student Portal, Canvas, Course Catalog aur aur bhi to help students stay organized aur access essential resources.
  3. Student Accounts – Traditional:
    1. Student Accounts traditional program students ke liye billing aur collections ka central point hai.
    1. Classes register karne se pehle Averett University Student Account Agreement complete kar lena to authorize account information release.
Averett University Student Account

In steps follow karke, aap Averett University ke different platforms aur tools access kar sakte ho jo Students ke liye provide kiye gaye hain.

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Averett University Acceptance Rate

Yahan Averett University ke acceptance rate ke baare mein key statistics di gayi hain table mein:

Acceptance Rate48%
Admitted Students1,592
Enrolled Students284
Acceptance Rate Range40-49%

Averett University ka acceptance rate 48% hai, iska matlab hai ki yeh ek competitive school hai jo applicants ka aadha hissa hi admit karti hai. 2023-2024 academic year mein, Averett ko 3,337 applications milin aur 1,592 students ko admit kiya gaya, lekin sirf 284 hi enroll hue.

University ka acceptance rate range 40-49% hai, jo iska average selectivity indicate karta hai compared to other U.S. institutions. Averett ki selectivity entrance exams, high school GPA aur academic records jaise factors pe depend karti hai.

Averett University Tuition

Room and Board$11,360
Books and Supplies$1,000
Other Fees$150
Miscellaneous Expenses$2,648
Total Cost$52,798

Different sources par Averett University ka tuition fees thoda different report kiya gaya hai. Tuition fees for Averett University is as follows:

  • ke according, 2023-24 academic year ke liye tuition $38,550 hai, with total cost of $52,738 including room & board, books, supplies aur personal expenses.
  • report karta hai annual tuition of $37,640 for in-state aur out-of-state dono students, with additional costs for room & board, books, supplies aur other expenses, totaling $52,798 per year.
  • ke according, in-state aur out-of-state tuition dono $37,790 hai.
  • The Princeton Review mention karta hai tuition as $38,400.

Averett University ka tuition range hai $37,640 se $38,550 tak, depending on the source. Additional costs for room & board, books, supplies aur other expenses ke saath total annual cost around $52,738 to $52,798 hota hai.

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Averett University Aviation

Averett University offer karta hai Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Management with do concentration options:

  1. Aviation Business
  2. Flight Operations

Aviation Business concentration focus karta hai general business administration aur specialized aviation management courses par, covering topics jaise:

  • Aerospace Accident Investigation
  • General Aviation Management
  • Aviation Security Operations
  • Airline Management
  • Human Factors in the Aerospace Industry
  • Airport Planning aur Design
  • Airline Business Strategy Simulation

Flight Operations concentration mein practical flight courses hote hain jo students ko prepare karte hain Commercial Pilot licensing aur Instrument Rating ke liye. Students opt kar sakte hain Flight Instructor rating ya Multi-Engine rating bhi.

Averett University operate karta hai FAA-approved Part 141 flight school, offering classes for following certifications:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate
  • Instrument Rating Certificate
  • Additional Aircraft Category or Class Rating Certificates

Averett ke flight programs ke graduates eligible hote hain Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate with Reduced Aeronautical Experience ke liye.

Averett ke partnerships hain Piedmont Airlines aur PSA Airlines ke saath jo Averett pilot graduates ko guaranteed career path offer karte hain American Airlines ke liye.